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Take Control of Your Online Bookings and Keep More of Your Earnings.

Increase your Direct Bookings and boost your bottom line with Room Filler. Stop losing money to Online Travel Agency commission fees.

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Revolutionize Your Booking Strategy and Save Money

Ensure that your direct booking price is always the lowest showing on Google. By setting your rates separately on our platform, you can make sure potential guests see that it is the lowest cost booking with you directly. Helping you increase your revenue and reduce your dependence on online travel agencies. Don't let high commission fees eat into your profits - choose Room Filler and take control of your direct bookings today and make sure that the prices shown on Google are the best for you and your guest.
Connect and Sync

Easily integrate & set rates separately with your existing channels.

Keeps all bookings in sync across all connected channels. Additionally, you can set different rates for different channels which ensures that your direct price is always the lowest, incentivizing guests to book directly with you.
Always accessible

Stay connected, even when you're on the go

Stay connected to your business and manage your bookings, availability and pricing from anywhere, anytime with our mobile-friendly channel management platform. Our user-friendly interface allows you to easily stay on top of your reservations, accept payments and manage guest information, giving you the flexibility to run your business from anywhere and have control over your bookings at all times.
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Frequently asked questions

What If I Already Have Channel Management?

The process of switching from one Channel Manager to another has become much more manageable thanks to recent technological advancements. It can now be done quickly and with little stress.

Are we tied to a contract?

We do not require customers to sign a long-term contract. Instead, we only ask that customers provide a month's notice before cancelling their subscription.

What support is included?

Dedicated account manager who is available to assist customers via telephone and email. They are on hand to answer any questions, and provide guidance and support.

Do you work with all types of Accommodation?

Designed to streamline the process of managing reservations and availability across multiple booking platforms for Hotels, Guest Houses, Self-catering properties, and Campsites & Holiday Parks.

Can I see a Demo or ask more Questions?

We'd be happy to give you a demo and answer any questions you may have. Contact us to schedule a demo or to ask any questions you may have about how this works.

Why do you focus on Google Reviews?

Google Reviews Drive New Business through Increased Visibility and Credibility. Just think where is the first place you start a search online.


What customers are saying

Don't just take our word for it - see what our satisfied customers are saying about Room Filler. Here are the most recent reviews from our happy clients who have experienced the benefits of our service.

Hélène England
Hélène England
Adam at Roomfiller has consistently been helpful and supportive since starting to work with us a year ago.Our website is so much better and he has built it to include a direct booking function so that we are less dependent on OTAs. He's quick to respond to queries and doesn't make us feel silly (although we undoubtedly are when it comes to website building and various conundrums that come up🤭). We really appreciate his "Can Do" attitude.
Deborah Sutherland
Deborah Sutherland
I was concerned about the process taking place, but it went very smoothly. Adam has been a great help, very patient dealing with a total technophobe! The system seems to be efficient and it will be interesting to see the results of more direct bookings.
Karen Beckett
Karen Beckett
Always available with support, help and assistance. Thank you so much
Ray Hobbs
Ray Hobbs
We were approached by Andrew from Room Filler to consider having our web site updated so we could take direct bookings. We are delighted that we went ahead as the system has been excellent and easy to navigate. After all the input from Adam who is extremely patient and kind we are now up and running and managing to increase our occupancy rates. Thank you guys for a superb service
Phil Cooke
Phil Cooke
Help set up our own channel manager to manage all our websites as one. Walked us through all the stages & got us up & running very efficiently. Always on hand & very prompt in answering all our questions & queries.
Tim Sims
Tim Sims
I know nothing about search engines in my website. So when I found out that I needed to set one up I had to accept the help of Adam. To say I was sceptical would be an understatement. How ever as I got to know Adam (and his cat Alex) I could see that he was totally up front about what I needed and how to put it all in place. When one knows little or (as in my case) nothing about computers they become a mystery. Adam kindly sorted my needs out and got me going. He even checked out on the programme once it was installed just to make sure it was working correctly. If only all computer salesmen handled clients like me as well as Adam did the industry would be seen in a better light.
Judith Shand
Judith Shand
Adam has created a new website for our property and has been very helpful and is always there to be contacted when needed and it is all going well.
Felicity LW
Felicity LW
Adam at Room Filler has been amazing. He is so patient and attentive with nothing being a trouble. We inherited our previous Channel manager which only had webchat and were difficult to contact, but Adam has been incredibly supportive giving tutorials and setting up the system so it is specific to our needs, while explaining what each feature does. If he says he will call he does, so glad we changed and would definitely recommend room filler and Adam especially, he's a star.
Kenny Macmillan
Kenny Macmillan
I was approached by Room Filler who offered to rebuild my old website, which in turn completely changed the way I was operating my booking system. Adam was, and is exceptional at explaining and doing everything regarding my excellent new website and booking system, nothing is a problem to someone as computer illiterate as I. I am delighted at the way this is all operating now thanks to Adam at Room Filler.
Simon North
Simon North
Been working with Adam on our website design and build and ongoing maintenance. He has offered a very personal service and has been excellent, demonstrating excellent knowledge of the product and our requirements, and is also very responsive whenever I send a question or request through to him.

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